AvanceFloors offers you the ingenious Six Simple Steps online selection process. With nine beautiful colours as a starting point, 
AvanceFloors allows you to create your unique, personal floor. Get creative by following the links below!

Step 3: Choose your pattern 

Straight boards or patterned? AvanceFloors is happy to deliver professionally patterned floorboards to your liking:
herringbone or Hungarian Point. Patterned or not, an AvanceFloors floor brings nature's warmth to your living space. 

Boards of varying widths
While the ‘straight’ board arrangement is by far the most popular choice, considerable variation exists within that option. AvanceFloors offers a wide choice within the straight format: from very narrow (14 cm) to extra wide (38 cm!) and long boards. The standard width is 18 cm but widths of 24 cm are becoming ever more popular. The length of your AvanceFloors floorboards can be anywhere from 1.5 to 3 metres. Is 38 cm your preferred width? Then we can even offer boards of 3 to 5 metres in length.

Herringbone or Hungarian Point?
Do you dream of something entirely different from the usual straight hardwood boards? How about an enchanting pattern? Then choose an AvanceFloors Herringbone or Hungarian Point pattern. AvanceFloors patterned floors are available in various plank sizes, from extra narrow (65 x 325 mm, for example) to extra wide (such as 185 x 925 mm).