AvanceFloors offers you the ingenious Six Simple Steps online selection process. With nine beautiful colours as a starting point, 
AvanceFloors allows you to create your unique, personal floor. Get creative by following the links below!

Step 1: Hardwood floor types

The first choice to make is which type of floor structure you would like.  At AvanceFloors we offer both solid hardwood
floorboards as well as engineered wood 
flooring (also known as multiplank, lamella plank or layered flooring).
Let the information below guide your choices!


AvanceFloors offers both solid wood and engineered wood flooring. But which type of hardwood floor to choose? Both types appear exactly the same viewed from the face side. The only difference is in their composition

Engineered hardwood floors

Engineered hardwood floorboards are made by combining several layers of wood into one durable component. Each board features a 4 mm oak top layer (or 6 mm with the 20 mm boards) in thickness. This top layer is glued to an 11 mm (or 14 mm thick for the 20 mm boards) birch wood multiplex base layer. This results in a stable and durable floorboard with a total thickness of 15 mm or 20 mm. A major advantage of this stable product? It’s easily combined with floor heating!

Solid hardwood floors

Rather than engineered floorboards, you may of course commission your AvanceFloors hardwood floor in solid oak. Each board comprises a single piece of solid oak wood of 20 mm in thickness. You should be aware, however, that solid wood flooring is not compatible with floor heating.

Authentic Feeling

Historically there was only one option: oak flooring consisted of solid planks. That sense of history makes purists today feel weak at the knees when they see a solid oak floor. This has everything to do with the feeling and authenticity that go with a big chunk of sawn timber.

Practical advantages

Engineered wood flooring has some practical advantages. Their multi-layer composition makes engineered floorboards supremely stable and less prone to seasonal expansion and contraction, as well as being compatible with floor heating - a common prerequisite nowadays.

Other wood species

Most people choose an oak top layer for their engineered floorboards or even a solid oak floor. Lesser-known, but equally beautiful floors are made with wood species such as Jatoba, Iroko or American Walnut. If you’d like to know more about these options, please contact us.